Discover Magazines – Local Advertising

There are 8 areas across the South Hampshire region:

1) Winchester & Alresford

2) Chandlers Ford & Eastleigh inc Fair Oak, Bishopstoke, Horton Heath

3) Romsey & Test Valley Villages inc Stockbridge

4) New Forest & Waterside inc Hythe, Dibden Purlieu, Marchwood

5) Southampton West (SO15, SO16, SO17, Totton)

6) Southampton East (Hedge End, West End & Hamble Peninsula inc Bursledon, Netley, Hamble le Rice)

7) Meon Valley & Petersfield

8) Locks Heath & Fareham

1) Winchester & Alresford SO21, SO22, SO23, SO24

2) Chandlers Ford & Eastleigh SO53, SO50

3) Romsey & Test Valley SO51, SO20

4) New Forest & Waterside SO40, SO41, SO42, SO43, SO45

5) Southampton West (SO15, SO16, SO17, Totton)

6) Southampton East SO30, SO31)

7) Meon Valley & Petersfield SO32, PO17, GU31 4, GU32

8) Locks Heath & Fareham SO31, PO13, PO14, PO15, PO16

We 100% letterbox deliver – no wastage and the same houses every time.

1) Winchester & Alresford – 24,600 copies

2) Chandlers Ford & Eastleigh – 22,000 copies

3) Romsey & Test Valley – 21,700

4) New Forest & Waterside – 21,200

5) Southampton West -23,400

6) Southampton East – 22,000

7) Meon Valley & Petersfield 22,300

8) Locks Heath & Fareham – 27,700

Once printed, the magazines are taken to a) Royal Mail for delivery or b) our team of distributors who walk door to door and letterbox deliver to the homes on their route map. Some magazines are 100% Royal Mail and some are 100% our own distribution and the rest are a combination of both

There are 8 areas across the South Hampshire region:

1) Winchester & Alresford – combination

2) Chandlers Ford & Eastleigh – 100% Discover distributors

3) Romsey & Test Valley Villages – 100% Royal Mail

4) New Forest & Waterside – combination

5) Southampton West – combination

6) Southampton East – 95% Royal Mail (1,200 by Discover in Netley)

7) Meon Valley & Petersfield – 100% Royal Mail

8) Locks Heath & Fareham – 100% Discover distributors

Discover is a bi-monthly magazine which means each house receives a new copy every other month and usually at the beginning of the month. Deliveries are schedule the 1st week of January, March, May, July, September and November.

15th December for January issues

18th February for March issues

22 April for May issues

17 June for July issues

19 August for September issues

21 October for November issues

All sizes in mm width x height

Full page A5 – 148 x210 + 3mm bleed

3/4 page – 134 x 140

2/3 page 134 x 126

1/2 page landscape – 134 x 94

1/2 page portrait – 65 x 192

1/3 page – 134 x 61

1/4 page landscape – 134 x 45

1/4 page portrait – 65 x 94

1/6 page – 65 x 61

1/8 page – 65 x 45

1/16 (classified) – 65 x 20

Leaflet distribution is available on selected circulations of Discover

There are no more than 5 leaflets in one issue

No competiting businesses

Chandlers Ford – 11,000

Eastleigh, Fair Oak, Bishopstoke, Horton Heath – 11,000

Southampton SO15, SO16, SO17 – 11,000

Totton – 7000

Locks Heath, Whiteley, Warsash – 14,000

Fareham, Titchfield, Stubbington, Lee on the Solent – 13,500

Netley – 1,200

Winchester – 4,500

Yes, we charge £65 + vat to design a double sided leaflet or postcard. Printing cost depends on paper weight, quantity and number of pages. Because we print so much with Discover Magazines, we get extremely competitive print prices.

Yes we do on all our products, including leaflet printing.

Langdon Scott Ltd

It’s personal. Melanie Tinson, managing director, is married to John Scott Tinson and is the daughter of Richard Langdon Cook. Langdon Scott is in recognition of the faith these two important people in her life placed in her creative determination to build a business on her marketing experience.

In 2005, The Chandlers Ford Directory was founded by Tania Houston, a publiciation delivered to only 2,000 homes and printed in black and white. In 2007, she made friends with Melanie Tinson who she encouraged to launch The Southampton Directory. By 2011, after pooling their resources, they set up a jointly owned business, publishing Discover Magazine. Over several years they extended the coverage to reach most of south Hampshire with a portfolio of 8 localised editions of Discover. With a current total circulation of 185,000 homes it’s the largest single circulation in Hampshire, possibly the South Coast. In 2020, co-director, Tania retired from Discover Magazines Ltd and sold her share to Melanie. Since 1 October 2020, Langdon Scott owns Discover and now offers a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services to its advertisers and non advertisers.

Yes, customers of Discover Magazines Ltd are automatically customers of Langdon Scott Ltd. Invoices are currently being issued from Discover Magazines Ltd still. Discover Magazines is product of Langdon Scott along with others like Artbox, Hampshire Leaflets, Media Buddy, Word on the Web and other publications such as Salisbury Life. The team is the same, location the same; just a change of ownership and more services.

Artbox – Websites & Graphic Design

We can improve the page ranking, the upload speed, replace images, text and suggest room for improvement such as adding an enquiry form, embedding video if appropriate, modernising the style etc

As much as possible as the more we have supplied in advance the quicker it will be to build and therefore, cheaper as time is money. You will be given a checklist of essentials to supply and whatever you don’t have we can help you with (such as images, text, logos etc) but we’ll charge for the time and cost to us of images, for example. You may state what you want on the site but we will be candidly honest with feedback and may challenge your instructions – with the sole purpose of delivering a site to you that delivers the right customers to you.

I’ve seen a site I like. Can you copy it?

If it’s based on a template that you would like to use then that’s great, we can install it that for you and get straight to work filling in the content. We have a portfolio of templates and a big basket of features you can add on to tailor the site as you need it. It’s worth looking at our portfolio first as this will be quicker (and … .time is money!)

No, it’s not free but it’s very low cost. We don’t have to host it for you but if we do we maintain it regularly, updating the plugins so it’s running smoothly. Sites can fall down because the software update requests have been ignored. We also have a dedicated server which means fast speeds for all the sites we host.

Yes, absolutely. You will be given a login to the WordPress admin “back end” but you don’t need to learn it as every site we build has a simple user interface where you can edit the page itself.

Media Buddy – Marketing Support Services

Yes, we can if you want us to. We will negotiate the price, book it for you, supply the artwork to them and be your contact for new artwork if you wish.

No, we will invoice you for Discover Magazines as normal. Other bookings for other magazines will continue to be invoiced directly by them, keeping the financial commitment between you and them.

Yes, you can refer them to Media Buddy and we’ll take the call and email you the reason for the call. You will also be allocated a Media Buddy email address to put on your website requesting that all marketing related enquiries got to You will get a copy of any emails we receive. The intention is to reduce the number of media related sales calls interrupting your working day. If a media person you want to speak to has your direct number then you continue to liaise directly.

Subscribing to the Media Buddy services gives you advert planning and an annual review of your budget, free advert changes for all your bookings, 50% discount on Artbox design services (not websites), free marketing advice, discounts on other Langdon Scott services such as social media campaigns.

We charge a small percentage of your regular rate booking with Discover Magazines based on how much that is. Minimum spend is £150 per month with Discover and the media buddy service is 10%. For full details of prices please visit

Word on the Web – Social Media/SEO/Copywriting

Yes, we will happily. However, Discover advertisers do benefit from a 30% discount on the rates of Langdon Scott digital services.

Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the art and science of getting web pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google, using the right words, in the right order and placement within the site and the “back end”. Web searching is most commont way how people find a website, so ranking high in search engines will lead to an increase in traffic to your website. Once your website is optimised it’s worth spending a small amount each year maintaining it. Think of your website as a car; when it’s polished and shiny it gets noticed, it needs servicing on a regular basis, and treat your passengers to a pleasant experience by keeping it clean, neat and fresh!

We’ll look at your current website from the user’s view, how responsive it is (how it looks on mobiles, tablets and different size screens), how it ranks on search engines, the images (are they slowing your site down? are they too “stock” like? could they be replaced with something better? and if by editing the text it will improve the user experience.

No but it can help to raise the business’s profile, generate new customers, increase visitors to your website etc. The common complaint is “I’ve been posting on Facebook but it’s not worth the effort… social media is just a time sucker.” It is if you don’t manage it efficiently, post the wrong type of content and there are lots of tricks, tools and tips that will make it worthwhile. We can get you started on the right track and set you off in the right direction or carry on doing it for you. It’s up to you.

Salisbury Life / Solent Life / Portsmouth Life

Firstly, due to Covid 19 the launch has been delayed so they are not “live” at the moment. Secondly, they will cover a wider area. Each Discover magazine is focussed on a local area whereas Solent Life will cover the SO and PO area while Salisbury life all the SP postcodes.

When the time is right post pandemic. The Life titles will be ideal for retail, entertainment, restaurants to advertise in and these businesses are not investing in marketing at the moment!

No, they’re not. Solent Life was a popular A4 magazine that sadly was mismanaged by a new owner and closed within months under his ownership in 2017. It was missed by advertisers and readers so we think it’s time to bring it back to “Life”. Salisbury Life was published by a Bristol based company untl August 2019 who just stopped it so again, we believe local businesses and SP residents will welcome it back!