Historian, academic, and television presenter, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, has become a trustee of The Mary Rose. As a world-leading expert on Tudor history, Suzannah will bring unrivaled knowledge and expertise to her role as Trustee, adding to the rich narrative of this British icon which gives an unparalleled insight into everyday life 500 years ago.

Suzannah has presented numerous mainstream TV programs, including Henry and Anne: TheLovers Who Changed History; Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder; Henry VIII and His Six Wives; and Elizabeth I (Channel 5), as well as series on BBC 4, ITV, UKTV, and National Geographic, and was a resident historian on BBC 2’s comedy panel show Insert Name Here and Channel 4’s Time Team.

She said: ” As a Tudor historian, I recognize the extraordinary value of the Mary Rose-both as a rare repository of thousands of ordinary objects that give an insight into Tudor’s daily life and as an incredible remnant of naval history. Chairman, Alan Lovell, said: “We are delighted that Suzannah has become a Trustee of the MaryRose. She will help us shape the future of the Trust as we come out of this dreadful pandemic and ensure the Mary Rose and her stories live on for future generations to enjoy.”