Selfies are being kicked into the long grass as Chandler’s Ford Parish Council launches a photographic competition to capture the beauty of its local wildflower meadows.

The council has noticed that over the past few years many residents have posted images on various social media outlets of the wildflower meadows at Hiltingbury and Fryern Recreation Grounds.

It has sown the seeds for a competition to showcase the area’s natural beauty and a wide range of age groups (only one entry per age group per household) are being invited to send in images with awards for best sunrise/sunset picture, best daytime photo and best close up image of a flower, with or without an insect.

Selfies lying down in the flower meadows will not be accepted as this will damage the wildflowers.

There are 3 age groups: up to 12, 13 – 18, and adults (no professional photographers). Photos to be sent in after 1 Sep, closing date is 1 Oct.

Prize winners will have their wildflower pictures published in the newsletter and on the website. Prizes are free sessions at the sports hall.

All entries to be sent to clerk@chandler’sford-pc.gov.uk.