We’re all agreed an extraordinary thing has happened this year. Local Authorities

accommodated an estimated 90% of the homeless community in order to prevent the

spread of COVID-19 and £433 million was made available for rough sleeper services. Currently

‘move on’ plans are being implemented for these estimated 15,000 people. The Crossings are keen to be part of the solution.

It’s not just for those who’ve been on the street, but also those who have been affected by job losses and evictions. We find it’s often a little help and a listening ear that makes a huge difference both practically and if someone is affected by isolation and/or mental health issues.

One of our clients, we’ll call her Helen for her anonymity, we met sleeping rough. On her first visit to us, she achieved online in one visit what she had been trying to do over the last 18 months. She feels safe & accepted coming to us – that’s success in our book!

Whether it’s another like Helen or maybe someone you know who’s struggling with the economic

effects of the pandemic, we now have two centres up and running.

Saturdays 10-1, St John’s Hall, Hythe, SO45 6BP and Wednesdays 10-1, St John’s Hall, Marchwood, SO40 4XF, go to or call 07486 551272.

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