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.BBC’s Antiques Roadshow is about to roll into Hampshire.

The popular program, which has been running since 1979, will film an episode of its 44th season at Porchester Castle, Fareham, with host Fiona Bruce.

Antique owners searching for what could be hidden fortunes can get the experts’ verdict when the program sets up camp in Porchester Castle and producers have launched a hunt for people to share their stories.

The programme will be filmed in the summer but no dates have been fixed and the BBC are currently taking online submissions for items to show the experts.

Porchester Castle announced on its Facebook page that the programme would be returning to the historic site.

The post read: “We are thrilled to announce that Porchester Castle will host BBC Antiques Roadshow when they return later this year. We can’t wait to welcome Fiona Bruce and the team of experts as they uncover your family heirlooms.”

Porchester Castle was announced alongside seven other UK venues as 2021 destinations for the programme.

On the Antiques Roadshow website producers say they are “continuously monitoring the rules and advice in regard to the safety of public events.”

For more details, visit the BBC Antiques Roadshow site or Facebook page.