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Fresh, pasteurised milk from a farm just two miles away is being delivered within hours of being milked to passers-by and the local community in Meon Valley.

Available 24/7 from the vending machine outside the Meonstoke Post Office and Village Stores, all you need is your bottle (which you can buy during shop opening hours, or bring your own) and your debit/credit card/phone/watch or cash any time of day or night.

A store spokesperson said: “In partnership with Meonstoke Dairy, we are so excited to be offering this very special local and fresh product to all our customers, day or night. Already proving very popular, we have had some wonderful feedback with one customer saying: ‘Best milk I have had since I was a child,’ and another saying: ‘Transformed my porridge!’”

Anna Martin, who runs the farm with her husband Sam, said, “We milk the cows at 3.45am, whereupon it is gently pasteurised, (not homogenised) and delivered straight to Nell’s store by 7.30am. Because it hasn’t been highly processed it retains its flavour, tastes amazing and of course is super fresh.”