Romsey Abbey is looking for volunteers to welcome visitors to this wonderful, historic building, filled with treasures.

If you have a few spare hours a week, why not become an Abbey Steward?

The Abbey is open every day from mid-morning through to 4:30pm.

The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Ethelflaeda, in Romsey, can trace its origins back to 907 AD. The first stone church and nunnery were built c.1000 AD and flourished as a place of education for the daughters of kings and noblemen. Around 1230 AD, over 100 nuns belonged to the foundation.

Over the centuries, many changes have taken place architecturally and in forms of worship, but the Abbey remains at the heart of the town through its ministry as parish church, community and cultural venue and historic visitor attraction.

Volunteer, Rowena C Naile MBE says: “Romsey Abbey is a beautiful and fascinating building and I thoroughly enjoy my time welcoming and saying farewell to visitors, whether they are in need of comfort and prayer or just want information on where to sit or light a candle.”

Please contact Julie Carlton on 07799 436352 or email: