This rant gives us the opportunity to not only show what we do to support our readers but to highlight to anyone running their own business how important it is to maintain a good local reputation.

Our ranter, Mrs B, will I’m sure tell her neighbours, friends and family not to use these two businesses she contacted.  It’s a well-known statistic that if you experience bad service, you tell 27 people: but only 6 if it’s a positive one.

I’m sure the two culprits who let Mrs B down will be apologetic but that’s not the point, is it?

Telephone message to the Editor:

I’ve received your magazine for years and it’s great but why does a company bother to advertise if they don’t bother to show up?  I’ve called two garden services from your magazine, but both failed to turn up. Why are they allowed to advertise if they don’t want calls!

Ms B, SP5 resident

Editor’s reply:

I agree wholeheartedly.  it’s very frustrating to wait in for an appointment and they don’t show; it’s disrespectful to you while not making the most of their advertising.  As much as I’d like to make it a condition that an advertiser doesn’t do this it’s not possible.  However, we do follow up on all complaints like this and contact the advertiser with a reader’s experience, complaint, or praise (we do get these as well1).  If we receive complaints about a particular advertiser relating to quality of work, rudeness or even fraud we act on it promptly, always giving the advertiser the opportunity to respond, rectify or refund. with repeating offenders, we remove them from future publications.  We do carry out background checks before a business advertises and we suggest readers follow these tips on engaging a trade or service from Discover or any other publication.
If you experience poor customer service from one of our advertisers, please do contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.


Contacting an advertiser – helping them to help you!

  1. Telephone first rather than email. Or even better, use text as tradespeople are often unable to answer the phone (up a ladder or driving). Messages sent via a website are often sent to an inbox not regularly monitored)
  2. Best time to contact them on the phone?  Before 8am or after 4pm
  3. DO leave a voice message starting with “I saw your advert in Discover” then your name and postcode (they value leads more from magazine advertising)
  4. Follow up with a text message include your name and your postcode (your full address and date of appointment, if made).
  5. Text the day before they are due, asking them to confirm.