Thankfully, most of our readers enjoy getting Discover and appreciate the free, entertaining and useful information we include alongside the local advertisers who are ready and waiting to provide a service or product to the community. Reader feedback follows the good old 80/20 rule; 80% is positive and 20% not negative as such (in fact it’s more like 90/10) and often relates to a distributor not delivering the magazine as they are instructed to (on the doorstop and not all the way through the letterbox or on the drive as it’s rained etc). It’s rare we get a letter like this one from a reader in the New Forest & Waterside circulation area.

Emailed to the Editor: I received through the post today a copy of your Discover magazine. I was more than surprised to see on your page ‘Look back in Time’, Tony Blair winning the 1997 election. Why on earth do you think the public has to be reminded of that man becoming Prime Minister? A man who took us into an illegal war. Also in 1997, Hong Kong was handed back to China. That is a much more worthy piece of history to mention than Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister. That man did untold damage to this country. Is it perhaps because of the political leanings of this magazine he was mentioned? In future this magazine will be ripped up without reading and put into the clear plastic sack.
J from Waterside

The offending article was a round up of historical events over the decades and centuries in March featuring the election of Tony Blair. I’d like to assure readers, especially Ms J, that Discover Magazine has no political bias or “leanings” whatsoever.

One of the reasons I chose to feature this as this month’s Rant is that if a household does not wish to receive a copy of their community magazine, I would much prefer to avoid a magazine being wasted (they are all 100% recyclable now) so we can quite easily notify the distributor to bypass a property – but we need the address. You can email disti@discovermagazines.co.uk or call 02380 276361 quoting “No Thanks”  leaving your address and postcode. If the magazine is delivered by Royal Mail I’m afraid we can’t accommodate but you can hope the postman takes notice of a No Junk Mail sign.

If you LOVE DISCOVER we’d be delighted to hear from you and make the effort of publishing even more rewarding!

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  1. I’ve just been reading the article ‘A Joyous Jubilee’ in the May/June issue of Discover.
    I think Catherine Rose had her information slightly incorrect when she said that Edward V111 abdicated 12 months after his coronation. Edward wasn’t actually crowned as he abdicated before the event although plans were being made for his coronation.
    George V1 was crowned on May 12 1937 and not on the day his brother abdicated – 11 December 1936 – the day Albert (George) assumed the throne.
    Perhaps a bit of proof reading and gen up on facts would make articles better in the future.
    This is not a criticism of your magazine which I enjoy reading, more of a disappointment that the article isn’t correct

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