Do you sometimes feel frustrated with what’s going on in the community? Fed up with decisions that are out of your hands? Then you are not alone. Here are some Facebook Groups you can join where you can have a rant and get some community feedback:

Fair Oak & Bishopstoke Neighbours

“After years of having to deal with vandalism, intimidation, threatening behaviour, unsociable language, nights of disturbed sleep, we thought we would take it upon ourselves to start a group for local people in Fair oak and the surrounding areas to share their views and experiences on incidents that they have encountered. We have had guidance by people in authority to phone 101 to report the least little incident that happens to enable police and local councils to recognise the problems residents are having/have had and help them to hopefully resolve them.”

Eastleigh Neighbours

“We need more big stores in Eastleigh get the life back in the town.”

“Tesco needs to change to a metro not Tesco express great difference in the prices a bottle of their cola is 70p and only 47p at the Bursledon metro for same product – such a rip off.”

“We need the rent to go down so we can get some decent shops in, Swan Centre has never been used properly due to rent being so high.”

“Retail has been squeezed out of Eastleigh town centre because EBC is not doing enough to encourage retail to go there.”

“Eastleigh could do with the likes of Primark and ladies wear shops as there is only Bon Marche and Yours who don’t cater for all ages. I remember when I was younger the streets were full with all sorts of shops. Bring down the rates and bring back the shops before it’s too late.”

“Eastleigh needs to sort out parking charges to get the public to shop in Eastleigh. They need to have a system where first two hours are free. Businesses need something done!”

“I think pop up shops would be good. Always changing and gives small, independent business a chance to be seen.”