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Most Successful Local Magazine In South Hampshire

  • Reaches 169,000 homes across 14 areas
  • 100%, letterbox delivered to affluent homes with 3+ bedroom, driveway and garden
  • Rural areas reached by Royal Mail
  • Distribution team monitored by GPS tracking
  • Discounts of up to 45%
  • Free editorial included
  • Leaflet inserts welcome; up to 104,000 homes targeted
  • Quality editorial and local content

Quality Editorial Key to Reader Response

Local Advertising at its Best. Choice. Quality. Response. Service. 

Who Are Our Readers? 

Discover is letterbox delivered to the most affluent areas of south Hampshire; mainly 3+ bedrooms, driveway and garden. 

What Advert Size to Choose? 

We offer the standard options but also “inbetween” sizes so you can have the exact size that best suits your business and budget. 

Does Local Advertising Work? 

Yes, it does. The majority of our advertisers try us and after six months stay with us. Over 15 years of publishing local magazines..

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When it comes to reliable delivery, we’re STREETS ahead.

Royal Mail Magazine Distribution

This is the 100% Coverage of Rural Areas

Discover is the only magazine in this area reaching nearly 70,000 homes in rural and “difficult to reach” areas. Often Discover magazine is the only publication put through their

Same House. Every Time. On Time

Our distributors willingly operate a tracking system when they deliver so you can sure what you pay for is fulfilled.

Reach Over 100,000 Homes with Your Leaflet Inserts

Discover is letterbox delivered to the most affluent areas of south Hampshire; mainly 3+ bedrooms, driveway

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Where do you want more customers from? Stay local or reach out further or do you want to hit everywhere? 

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Q1. Where do you want to advertise? 

Select from the 14 areas we deliver to across south Hampshire. The more areas selected the higher the discount. Up to 169,000 homes. 

Q2. What Advert Size to Choose? 

From the smallest 8th size to a full page. To reach as many areas as possible, select a smaller advert to stretch the budget but getting the 

Q3. How Long to Book for? 

The more often you advertise to the same readers, the more effective your advertising. We recommend a minimum of 3 inserts before judging how well it’s working. Most of our ad- vertisers are on the 3+ Inserts rate and get the benefit of best discounts, free editorial , free advert design and complimentary upgrades after 12 months. 

We Offer More than Just Magazine Advertising

Graphics & Design

Vehicle Signage

Digital Marketing

Website Design

Leaflet Distribution

Media Management

Video & Animation

Marketing Consultancy



One of the most commonly asked questions is about our split distribution, print & delivery method. It’s much easier to understand with a video but if you can’t watch the video then here goes…. 

monthly to the advertiser We operate what’s known in the business as “split distri- bution”. Ten editions have a circulation of between 12-14,000 homes and the oth- er three are 8,000 or less (see below). 

With the 12-14k circulation we split it into two halves. As per the example shown, the Hedge End edition has 7,200 homes in one half of the circulation and 7,000 different homes in the other half. These areas are delivered to one month after the other so over 2 consecutive months, all 14,200 homes receive a Discover Hedge End magazine.