Want to get more active? Feel more energised? Learn a new skill? Enhance your mood? 

Nicola Butcher runs Mrs B’s Hula Skoola where she teaches children and adults to hula hoop. You can go along to her ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS or BEGINNERS AND BEYOND Hooping Course where she will be covering a variety of hooping basics including waist hooping, beginner tricks and hoop sequences. 

This will be taught at your pace in a relaxed and friendly environment – no stress. 

You will be burning calories (up to 400 per hour!), turning up the tunes, laughing lots and having fun. If you think you can’t hoop, you can, she will find the right sized hoop for you! 

Classes are 5:30pm – 6:30pm or 7.00pm – 8.00pm at Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School. 

A 6-week course costs £48. 

Never hooped before? First class available as a taster £8  

Mrs B also offers bespoke Hula Hoops designed by you, 121 sessions, teambuilding workshops, Hen parties and Birthday parties. 

Instagram @mrsbshulaskoola, Facebook @ Mrs B’s Hula Skoola, call 07999 313154 or email novanik2000@yahoo.co.uk