Parental alienation is where one parent attempts to turn a child against the other parent (for example, by making derogatory comments about the other or causing the child to fear the other parent). It is defined by CAFCASS as “the unjustified resistance or hostility from a child towards one parent as a result of psychological manipulation by the other parent”.

It is a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly recognised in the Family Courts as an issue which requires intervention and that may involve a decision to change the residence of the children and / or restricting time with the alienating parent to limit their opportunities to engage in such behaviour.

If you believe that your ex-partner is engaging in alienating behaviour it is important to document areas of concern and seek appropriate advice, which might include therapeutic services for the children. Some alienating behaviours can be very subtle and a full log of incidents will be helpful. In severe cases, consideration should be given to making an early application to Court to change the residence of the child.

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