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Not a month goes by without father and son, Steve and Michael Morrison, making a new soccer signing with the largest collection of autographs from one football club.

The football mad duo has more than 7,000 signatures including every player to have worn a Saints shirt since the Second World War, housed in 30 ring binders spread over 2 houses.

It all started 17 years ago when Michael, then about 10 years old, collected signatures after a charity match against the ex-Saints which included club legend Matt Le Tissier.

On the way home Michael said: “Do you think we can get them all dad. And his father replied: ‘I thought you had got them all.”

To which the young Morrison replied: “Everyone who has played for Saints!”

The National Football Museum has confirmed it as the biggest collection they are aware of anywhere in the world.

Searching for signatures has cost thousands of pounds and involved a virtual tour of the globe, including an oil rig near Brazil.

Steve, from Harefield, says the golden goal is to get someone from the original line-up of 1885 that beat Freemantle 5-1.