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The Better the Editorial the Better Response for Our Advertisers.


Editorial in a magazine is what keeps the reader interested. Discover invests in quality journalism, interesting, short articles and local stories to engage the reader. A magazine wall to wall with adverts simply won’t be valued, will be discarded and the advertisers lose out.   We never forget that without good quality and varied editorial, we aren’t looking after our advertisers’ interests.


Whether it’s the short story, local walk, what’s on, recipe, gardening article or puzzle (the sudoku is a must have!) we aim to hook as many readers as possible all to generate response for our advertisers.  Our lifestyle articles aim to appeal to a wide audience with topical pieces on home interiors, gardening, health, education, travel, motoring, finance, pets and seasonal features, history items, interviews and so much more.


Advertisers who trust their valuable budget with us are rewarded with complimentary editorial. With every 6m+ ongoing booking an advertiser gets the equivalent size editorial in every edition for two issues. However, it’s important we don’t unbalance the editorial contact with too much “advertorial” per issue so we may need to reschedule in a future issue.   


All our current issues are available for our advertisers to view online in an easy page by page format.  Any web or email address within your advert online will be a live link to your website.  Every month you will receive a link to the online gallery with the latest issues.


Our non advertising articles are all available on our blog including downloadable local walks in full, competition winners, what’s on in full, interviews and anything we feel the readers will be interested enough to go online for.