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If there’s something you’d like to share with your community then the editorial team at Discover Magazine is interested in hearing from you.

We receive a lot of requests and so we’d appreciate you reading the guidelines below before you contact us, preferably by email first so we have the information we need in an organised method.

Would your story fit into one of our Regular Features?

Many of the items we run in Discover regular follow a theme that communities love to read about; charitable causes, special people in the community, local authors, interesting life journeys etc. Here’s the selection we regularly feature:

A regular slot in all the magazines to acknowledge the good deeds done by a local person or group. It can be very local to a community or be run across all 8 editions to reach the whole circulation.

At Discover we have a Behind big business feature that works alongside your advert. This is to give the reader an insight behind your business. This consists of facts and figures, companies history and future ambitions and company goals.

Our reader’s rant if for our reader’s to express their opinion on local issues or comments on current affairs. We value our reader’s opinions and thoughts on current issues.

At Discover we value our youngsters; many of our distributors are mid teens and we encourage their drive for independence with an introduction to working life. If we hear of a story about a young person who has excelled themselves, we think they are worth some recognition with a £25 voucher of their choice.

The perfect opportunity for local charities to blow their trumpet about a new cause, launching an event and updating the community with a good news story.

Short snippets of news and community updates. If you have a post to add please use the Editorial submission form.

Hampshire is steeped in historical sites, buildings and locations so we pick out a few that we think readers will find interesting.

We are always amazed at the achievements of our readers; often people who’ve overcome adversity or faced life changing decisions. In this regular feature we let a reader tell their story; sad, inspiring, funny or just worth sharing!

Anything to do with books, local authors, reviews, launches.

We welcome editorial about news, worthy of sharing, of interest to our readers. If you are a business, please note we offer our advertisers free editorial as part of a regular booking to share a story, a promotion, a success – anything other than just editorial that is an advert in words.

We print six times a year and each deadline applies for the next TWO FORTHCOMING MONTHS ie. the deadline for the March/April is mid February. The magazines are always printed the first week of the month ie. first week of March, May, July, September, November and January. If you have a dated item to submit please be sure it’s still valid when the magazines are delivered.

Are you a business or organisation with a reader offer or competition prize? We can work with you on setting up a comptition if you have prizes for our readers. It may be free or incur a cost depending on the campaign.

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