Distribution Coordinator with Van Services

We are on the lookout for an adaptable, commercially aware person to run Discover Delivers, a new division of the Discover Magazines Group, as a profit centre.

It’s a varied role; communicating, incentivising and managing the 150+ strong network of self employed, part time distributors as well as operating a transport service using the new 100% electric van. The role requires being the presentable face of Discover; meeting and being the point of contact for distributors and delivery customers.

Distirbution of Discover Magazines involves using a range of software applications to plan, coordinate, track and monitor the deliveries. Being comfortable with technology is important.

With the first vehicle we will be looking at taking on more deliveries for other organisations and advertising a Man & Van service in our publications (you will be key in identifying new opportunities). Discover Delivers is a new concept to us, and we are hoping to bring on board the right person who will think about this as more of a business opportunity where you could earn up to 50% of revenue generated.

Reporting to the Finance & Operations Manager.

Part Time to Full Time depending on success of delivery service business

Salary: From £25,000 per year + % of revenue generated from Man & Van service ..

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