The individual circulations of our 8 magazines vary from 19,000 to nearly 23,000 and we plan to introduce new areas in 2023 with smaller 10-15,000 circulations. Historically, the cost of display advertising is based on the advert size regardless of variances in circulation so some magazines are less value than others. We advocate transparency in all our sales and markeing so we’ve switched to charging new customers a rate based on total circulation first and then by ad size. The higher the circulation booked, the better the discount, of course. With Discover, you pay for exactly the quantity of magazines delivered and therefore the number of potential customers. All fair and square!

When you DOWNLOAD the Cost Calculator you need to Enable Content (it’s an Excel file)

£ per 1,000 Example

  • A 1/4 page in 3 areas:
  • Chandler’s Ford & Eastleigh circulation = 21,900 homes
  • Locks Heath & Fareham circulation = 21,600 homes
  • Southampton East circulation = 20,500 homes
  • TOTAL = 64,000 homes per issue( x 3 issues minimum for Subscription discount)
  • 1/4 page rate card cost is £8.25 per 1,000
  • Example booking in 3 areas on a Subscription of 6 months earns a discount of 27% which is reduces rate to £6 er 1,000
  • 64 (64,000 homes) x £6 = £384 per issue#
  • YOU PAY 6 monthly payments : £192 + vat

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