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Melanie Tinson Director, Sales & Marketing
When it comes to advertising, Melanie’s advice is always worth considering. She’s single-handedly acquired over 500 advertisers in Discover since 2007 and is well respected on almost everything marketing.

Terri Russell
Business Manager

Queen of multi-tasking, top of the “must have” skills in magazine publishing! Any questions on your booking, artwork, editorial ask Terri!


Vicky Lockwood, Advertising Sales

Any negative preconceptions you have about advertising sales people – throw them away. Vicky is honest, knowledgeable, and determined to get you results.

Tania Houston Director, IT/Finance
If there
s a techie trick or a process change which makes the Discover business more efficient, Tania will find it. That skill has enabled us to become the biggest magazine publisher in South Hampshire, with a small but supersmart team.


Talitha Gibbins

Talitha co-ordinates our 250 distributors – sometimes like herding sheep! Also provides admin support on bookings, payments and leaflet printing


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