Two New Forest castles built by King Henry VIII could be lost forever because of coastal erosion. 

The warning has come from English Heritage which says the rate of land loss over the last few years is alarming and work needs to be completed to protect our history. 

Hurst and Calshot Castles have been highlighted by English Heritage as sites that could disappear. 

Hurst Castle in Lymington has been battered by the rough weather with the 18th century east wing of the castle collapsing after the sea exposed its foundations. 

The damaged section was stabalised but the sea walls around the original Tudor fort need repairing and strengthening to protect it from collapse. 

Along the coast similar structural problems threaten Calshot Castle as sea levels continue to rise. 

English Heritage Estates Director Rob Woodside says: “Erosion along England’s coastline is nothing new but the rate of land loss that we have seen over the past few years is alarming.” 

Both castles were built by Henry VIII to protect from England from invasion. Now they are battling against the elements.