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A local Miniature Dachshund and his owner are prize winners after entering a national award celebrating the powerful bond between dogs and their humans.

Buddy and Amber’s story won hearts at nutritious pet food company, Vet’s Kitchen, from the dozens of entries into their ‘Woof and Well’ award, which recognises the contribution dogs have made to our health and wellbeing throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Amber Humm, 18, from Sway, has been battling a painful knee condition since she was 8-years-old and was due an operation in October last year. She was terrified but the day before, Amber’s mother surprised her with a Dachshund puppy, Buddy, who quickly became Amber’s shadow, providing emotional support and a positive distraction.

Amber says: “Unfortunately, my op was unsuccessful and I am still living in pain, but no matter how rubbish I feel, Buddy gives me a reason to get out of bed.”

Amber and Buddy, now 18m old, love to go for forest walks which Amber says always make her feel grateful and gives her time to relax, even when struggling with pain.