Bitterne Back on the Beat

Bitterne Police Station is set to reopen next year. It was closed in 2016 with the building due to be sold off, but last year, plans were announced to re-open the site.

The news that the former police station has won a reprieve was welcomed at the time by community leaders who described the move as a “step in the right direction.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna Jones, said: “It will be undergoing a significant refurbishment over the next 9 to 10 months.” But a spokesperson for the Office of the PCC said this had not delayed additional officers serving the community as they joined existing bases in the city.

“The refurbished police station will provide greater visibility and accessibility.”

Southampton Itchen MP, Royston Smith, said: “Better police funding and officer recruitment is making our streets safer. Investment in law enforcement and tougher sentences for criminals is also helping reduce crime rates across Southampton.”

The news comes after it was announced 600 new police officers would be recruited across the county by 2023.

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