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The Solent’s Favourite.

We started advertising with Discover 10 years ago and can’t rate them highly enough.  The magazines continue to be the best source of new customers for us. Keep it coming Discover!

Will Bellows

MD, Home Computer Help

We’ve used the leaflet distribution service in all the areas every month now for years. The coverage is perfect and they are reliable as clockwork.


Marketing, Britannia Windows

We promote our event every year with Discover through advertising, leaflets and editorial. Their use of Royal Mail means we reach the rural communities which is important for a country show.

New Forest Show

“The advertising worked far better than I’d expected so I’d recommend Discover without a doubt, especially if you are tutor!”

Caroline Cutress


I just wanted to say thanks for putting the advert on Page 3 and sending me a copy. It’s a great little magazine, full of relevant information and not just stuffed with adverts. I’m happy to be back with you!

Lisa Dymott

Director, Swan Systems Furniture

Response Focused Advertising for our Regulars

Most of our customers advertise in Discover to generate new customers and they want a steady stream so they go “regular”; they start with a six month booking and continue for years … because it works. If you haven’t advertised before it’s tempting the test the waters with one month but we really don’t recommend that; it’s false economy unless you are advertising an event. The 6m+ Ongoing Rate offers 15% discount, free upgrade to premium positions, advert design and guaranteed editorial and discounts on leaflet distribution.

    Looking After the Little Guys

    Starting a yoga class, opening a shop or any startups, sole traders, owner operated business we’re here to help. More often than not they have all the passion and drive to succeed but very little marketing budget.  Discover supports the “Stay Local” campaign by offering a range of low budget options. We also give honest, constructive advice on effective ad design, pitfalls to avoid and complimentary editorial to boost their local profile. Also, ask about meeting the criteria for our Low Cost Business Start Up Package.

    Branching Out. Going Big

    Most businesses choose to advertise in their local edition plus the surrounding ones; four editions is the most commonly number booked. You can add editions later, trial new areas or drop one according to their needs.  That’s the beauty of our 14 edition circulation.  We have a number of regular customers who book them all for full coverage and maximum discount of 45%.

    Stand Out from the Crowd with Premium Positions

    These carry an extra cost but actually are often best value as the response rate is usually better.  Readers are more likely to view the first 11 pages, centre pages (because the magazine naturally opens out to the centre pages), inside back cover and the most visual of all, the back cover. They are sold on an ongoing basis so once it’s yours, it’s yours. They don’t come available to often so ask about join the waiting list if you want the back cover of a particular area.
    page 2, 3, 5
    centre pages
    inside back cover
    back cover

    When Short Term Advert is the Right Choice

    Repeat, repeat, repeat.  That is the mantra for successful advertising.  However, advertising an event which is date sensitive needs a different approach; a short term campaign spread across multi media (rather than long term campaign in selected media).  Events, launches, announcements are ideal for short temr advertising in Discover to hit a large audience. Find out more…

    Leaflets –  an Alternative to Display Advertising

    An A5 four page leaflet inserted in the magazine and letterbox delivered is sometimes a very cost effective alternative to display advertising.  You can choose from a selection of quantities from 4,000 – 104,000 home. Each delivery (service not available in all areas) only takes up to 5 leaflets.  We offer a) design, print and delivery b) print and delivery or c) delivery only. Find out more…

    Choose the Right Size for You

    Size does matter as it’s all about perception. If your advert is too big you might be perceived as expensive, too small and not worthy of the customer’s money. We offer many sizes to get it just right for your business type, your budget and your expectations.  We’ll advise you if you aren’t sure.  Find out more…

    The Golden Question – What Does it Cost to Advertise?

    Each advert size has a rate card price eg. a quarter page is £69 per area. The level of discount increases the more areas you book and the longer you book for. So, a quarter page in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh and Southampton editions , reaching a total of 28,000 homes, is three areas (5%) and if on the 6m+ Ongoing Rate (15%) is reduced to £55.25 per insert. Three editions equals three inserts so the monthly cost is 3 x £55.25= £155.75 + vat. With 14 editions, 8 ad sizes and 4 booking periods there are hundreds of permutations so for a price click to Request a Self Service Quotation Tool…


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