We’ve supported local businesses with their marketing for 17 years: delivering what they want most and all at cost effective advertising rates.

  • target audience of up to 170,000 homes
  • quality sales leads on their doorstep
  • new business to grow their customer base
  • more website hits
  • social media followers
  • local recognition and brand awareness

Everything about Discover Magazine has been designed to encourage regular readership, advertising response and good return on investment for our advertisers. That’s why 75% of our advertisers are long term regulars, many with us since the first issue 15 years ago!

  • handy A5 size (most likely size to be kept)
  • generous proportion of pages dedicated to editorial (at least 50%)
  • regular hooks to keep readers regular (eg puzzles, competitions, recipes)
  • the advertisers’ index to direct readers to adverts
  • 100% GPS delivery to ABC1 homeowners

Discover Magazines is 100% letterbox delivered to the same 170,000 properties every other month. We use two delivery methods; Royal Mail mostly for rural areas and our own distribution team for the easier-to-reach suburbs.

Call for quote 023 8001 0222

We are more than just advertising

Need other marketing services? We can do websites, design, social media and more.

Small businesses are often too busy focussing on the “doing” of their business, leaving little time for marketing. It takes time and skill to source what’s right for the business and budget so leave it to the experts. If you have trusted your advertising with Discover Magazines then you can be sure you are in safe hands with Langdon Scott.

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Discover Magazine Editions

Where Discover Magazine is delivered

The Best & Biggest Circulation in South Hampshire: advertise your business to 21,000 – 170,000 homes.

Circulation/copies delivered22,768
Area description: Suburban
Postcodes delivered into: SO53, SO50
Delivery method: 100% by Discover distributors
Leaflets accepted: Yes
Leaflets quantity : 22,000

Circulation/copies delivered22,239
Area description: Suburban
Including: Park Gate, Warsash, Swanwick, Burridge, Titchfield, Stubbington, Lee on Solent
Postcodes delivered into: SO31, PO15, PO14, PO13
Delivery method: 100% by Discover distributors
Leaflets accepted: Yes
Leaflets quantity : 23,000

Circulation/copies delivered: 21,032
Area description: Suburban
Including: Hedge End, West End, Botley, Bursledon, Hamble le Rice, Netley
Postcodes delivered into: SO30, SO31
Delivery method: 15,600 by Discover distributors, the rest by Royal Mail
Leaflets accepted: Yes
Leaflets quantity : 15,600

Circulation/copies delivered22,266
Area description: Suburban
Postcodes: SO15, SO16, SO17, SO40
Including: Chilworth, Bassett, Upper Shirley, Regents Park, Highfield, Totton, Nursling, Rownhams, Lordswood (not Lordshill, Millbrook, student areas or Ocean Village)
Delivery method: SO16 7 by Royal Mail inc businesses, the rest by Discover distributors
Leaflets accepted: Yes
Leaflets quantity : 18,500

Circulation/copies delivered19,058
Area description: Suburban (Waterside), semi rural and rural (New Forest)
Postcode delivered into: SO40, SO42, SO43, SO41, SO45, SO46, BH24
Delivery method: Waterside by Discover distributors, New Forest by Royal Mail
Leaflets accepted: Yes
Leaflets quantity : 10,000 (Waterside only)

Circulation/copies delivered20,247
Area description: Suburban, semi rural villages and rural
Postcodes delivered into: SO21, SO22, SO23, SO24
Delivery method: SO21, SO24 by Royal Mail the rest by Discover distributors
Leaflets quantity :10,000

Circulation/copies delivered22,694
Area description: Suburban, semi rural and rural
Including: Romsey, Stockbridge, Braishfield, Whiteparish – all SO51 villages
Postcodes delivered into: SO51, SO20, SP5 sectors 1
Delivery method: 100% by Royal Mail
Leaflets accepted: No
Leaflets quantity : 0

Circulation/copies delivered19,053
Area description: Market towns, villages, semi suburban & rural
All homes in postcodes: SO32, PO17, GU32, GU31 sector 4
Delivery method: 100% by Royal Mail
Leaflets accepted: No

When we deliver

July/August 2023ClosedWed 28 Jun - 14 Jul
Sept/October 2023ClosedWed 30 Aug - 1 Sept
Nov/December 20239 October 20231 Nov - Fri 10 Nov
January/February 20244 December 2023Fri 5 Jan - Fri 12 Jan
March/April 2024TBC1 Mar - Fri 8 Mar (tbc)
May/June 2024TBC1 May - Fri 10 May (tbc)

How is Discover delivered?

Royal Mail and Discover distributors

Discover is 100% letterbox delivered. Some of our competitors leave their magazines at pick up points such as supermarkets, salons, retailers, restaurants, theatres etc. These free publications are often A4 in size which makes them too costly for the publisher to pay for delivery; Royal Mail or otherwise. Of course, the advertising rates of these magazines are lower than Discover’s because they do not include distribution costs, wastage is high and the readership is irregular and cannot be identified.

GPS tracked distribution

Approximately 45% of the magazines we print are delivered by our own distribution team. Discover Magazines is the only publisher to use GPS tracking that not only live tracks the location of each distributor but provides route map confirmations and timed delivery per house. Distributors consent to this tracking app which monitors their progress and confirms on-time delivery . . . every time. Their ability to dump magazines undetected is highly unlikely and those tempted to try tend not to apply for work at Discover!

We offer a variety of adverts

We offer a wide range of advert sizes so you get a size that most closely matches a) what you need and b) your budget. Getting the right size is like a Goldilocks moment; not too big, not too small. It needs to be just right! We also have optional sizes and enhancements which will help your business grow.

Take a slide through…

Advert Specification

Advert Specification and SizingWidth (mm)Height (mm)
Full Page A5 132mm190mm
1/2 Page Landscape132mm93mm
1/4 Page Portrait64mm93mm
1/3 Page Landscape132mm60.66mm
1/6 Page Landscape64mm60.66mm
1/8 Page Landscape64mm44.5mm
1/2 Page Portrait64mm190mm
3/4 Page Portrait132mm125.33mm
1/4 Page Landscape 132mm44.5mm

3 Optional Features

Leaflet inserts. Yes, we do that, too!

Each magazine delivered by Discover distributors (not Royal Mail) accepts up to 5 non-competing leaflet inserts.

Leaflet Specification

  • Maximum size A5.
  • Weight max 16 grams (£1 surcharge per gram above 16).
  • Delivery £45 per 1000 + vat.
  • Discounts for repeat bookings and multiple zones.
  • No competing businesses per delivery.
  • No part-route bookings eg. if the quantity for selected delivery is 7,000 you must book 7,000 unless by exception.
  • 25% payment required at point of booking; remaining 75% required 5 working days prior to delivery.

We Offer…

We only offer design and print services for customers who advertise with Discover or use the leaflet distribution service. All prices are ex vat.


Our professional designers are experts at creating eye catching and well performing leaflets. Design fees depend on what is supplied, whether the concept is ready, the text written and images available in the correct format.


We source the best trade prices from our regular printers and offer quick turn around.

For design assistance for leaflets please contact us through email: discover@discovermagazines.co.uk

Do you go for one area or two?

Booking a single zone

If you just want to advertise in just one zone, your local edition is often the best place to start! You can add neighbouring areas later and, of course, a better discount!

Single Delivery Zone / 1 edition gets 15% discount off Rate Card

Booking multiple zones

Most of our advertisers book a choice of 3 editions as they target their local patch plus two neighbouring areas. However, you can add as many as you wish – the more you book, the more potential customers you reach and, of course, the better the discount. 2 editions – 10% discount. 3 editions – 12% discount. 4 editions – 15% discount. 5 editions – 18% discount. 6 editions – 22% discount. 7 editions – 25% discount. 8 editions – 30% discount.

Choosing the right advertising plan for you

Short term bookings

Sometimes, a one-of advert is appropriate for the purpose of a campaign. We recommend the larger size adverts if you book short term because you need to make a big impact if the advert is only going to be seen once. Short term bookings of small size adverts just don’t work so we don’t sell them. Short term bookings are available on quarter page adverts and larger.

  • single bookings (one-ofs) don’t get any discount off Rate Card
  • two insert bookings get 10% discount off Rate Card

Longer term bookings

Any booking of 3 x bi-monthly issues and more, is a “subscription” or “series” booking that we call a 3+ Subscription. Advertising works most effectively if you follow the mantra of “repeat, repeat, repeat”. Thus, giving you the best return on your investment. By targeting the same people repeatedly, issue after issue, year after year, you’ll get the best results.

  • 3+ Ongoing bookings get 15% discount plus
  • monthly payment plan by Direct Debit
  • commitment of 3 consecutive bi-monthly issues
  • automatic continuation thereafter until cancellation
  • complimentary editorial
  • professional advert design at £25 + vat (any size, big or small)

Want a price?

With 8 delivery zones, 11 advert sizes and choices of one, two or subscrition advertising, there are just too many prices, discounts and calculations to list online so here are a few examples to demonstrate how discounts are applied to the Advertising Rate Card prices. Every booking gets a discount except one insert in one edition. You will get an instant quote if you speak to your account manager.

Who to call?

For all local enquiries on 023 8001 0222.

Example 1: Quarter Page in 1 Zone -Southampton West – on 4+ Ongoing Rate

Quarter Page rate card = £204
Single zone discount – 0%
3+ Subscription – 15%
£ per insert = £204 less 15% = £173.40
£8.79 per 1,000 homes reached.

Cost per month = £86.70 + vat
Target audience reached = c. 22,000 homes
£7.14 per 1,000 homes reached

Example 2: 8th Page in all 8 Zones on a Series of at least 3 issues + ongoing

8th Page rate card = £116
Multiple zone discount – 30%
3+ Subscription Discount – 15%
£ per insert = £116 less 45% = £66.80 x 8

Target audience reached = all 170,000 homes
only £2.74 per 1,000 homes reached

Example 3: Half Page in 3 Editions (Southampton East, Meon Valley and Locks Heath & Fareham) on 3+ Subscription + ongoing Rate

1/2 Page rate card = £372
Multiple edition discount – 12%
3+ Subscription discount – 15%
£ per insert = £372 less 27% = £271.56 x 3 = £407.34 + vat every 2 months

Target audience reached = all 70,800 homes
£ per 1,000 homes reached = £5.75

Example 4: Full Page in 2 Editions (Chandlers Ford/Eastleigh & Winchester ) on Short Term (1 issue)

Full Page rate card = £692
Multiple edition discount – 10%
Short Term discount – 0%
£ per insert = £692 less 10% = £622.80

Target audience reached = c. 46,600 homes
£ per 1,000 homes reached = £13.36

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