It has taken six years, more than three million knitted stitches, thousands of hours of warm conversation and hundreds of cups of tea. 

The result is a spectacular knitted version of Southampton’s Medieval Walls. Hundreds of knitters from across Southampton and diverse communities gathered each month at God’s House Tower and other venues. 

The yarn of ‘knit the walls’ now holds the personal stories of the people who have stitched and created this amazing and beautiful community project, conceived and led by Southampton based artist, Sarah Filmer. 

To celebrate the final cast-off of the knitted version of the city walls there were a series of public exhibitions and events at God’s House Tower. 

After the French attacked Southampton in 1338, King Edward III commanded a huge wall be built around the town overlooking the sea. He was furious that the town’s people had allowed the raiders to so easily attack and steal his wine and goods. 

Large numbers of masons built the wall using stone shipped from the Isle of Wight