Southampton Edition



A5, Colour, 56 Pages

Circulation 14,000

11,000 DELIVERED by discover

3,000 by Royal mail

Discover Southampton started in 2007 so is very well known by residents and it is the only letterbox delivered magazine in the leafy, suburban areas surrounding the city of Southampton. Discover Southampton is not delivered within the city centre itself which has a high level of low cost housing, rental properties and not the typical type of property for Discover.

The circulation is 14,000 and clearly there are more than than in this area so the streets within the distribution are all checked and selected based on this criteria; streets predominantly with 3+ bedroom privately owned homes with a driveway and garden.  The distribution map for Discover Southampton therefore shows pockets of area that meet this criteria. There are no pick up locations; every 14,000 copy is delivered and targeted to the more affluent home owners of suburban Southampton.

How is Discover Southampton delivered?  11,000 properties are reached using our team of regular distributors living in the area.  The remaining 3,000 properties are delivered to by Royal Mail and are all in SO16 7 postcode.  This is the most affluent area of Southampton of Chilworth and Bassett.

AREAS REACHED: Chilworth, Bassett, Upper Shirley, Lordswood, Regents Park, Highfield, Portswood, Nursling and Rownhams.

NOT INCLUDED: student populated areas, flats or council estates, SO14 (city centre), Millbrook, Lordshill