12 Editions OVERVIEW



A5, Colour, 12 editions

Circulation 144,000

87,000 delivered by discover

57,000 by Royal mail

12 Discover Editions

We hope you choose to advertise in one or all editions of Discover; the Solent’s No 1 Portfolio of Community Magazines.

Not sure what to book?

Here’s some advice; for more advice and a quotation contact Melanie Tinson on 023 8027 6396.

  • Choose where you want to advertise (as well as where you “need” to advertise). Is it just one edition, a selection or all for maximum coverage and best discount?  Prioritise your choice as  “must have” and “nice to have”.
  • Decide what advertisement size you need (not want). Biggest isn’t always best! Consider your competitors, reader expectation, your own expectations and of course, cost.
  • Assume a minimum booking of six months.  Short term bookings are often false economy unless date orientated. With our 6+ Recurring Rate you get the best discount, free editorial and free design.
  • Check out  All Advertising Options; Carousels, Events Packages, Low Cost Listings
  • Consider leaflet distribution as an alternative.