Self Service Quotation

Welcome to our Quick & Easy Quote Calculators; one for Display Advertising and one for Listings ! Wouldn’t it make life simpler if all publishers did this?

  • Three variables determine your Double Discount; 1) ad size 2) booking period and 3) number of editions (areas).
  • The more areas you do the bigger the circulation (up to 143,300) AND the better the discount
  • The longer you book from the outset the better the discount.
  • Please note that a full page is A5 in size (134mm wide x 192mm high)
  • If you want to mix the ad sizes ie quarter page in 3 editions and a half page in 2 editions please call Melanie on 023 8027 6396 for a tailored quote. This calculator assume all advert sizes are the same in all editions booked
  • To make a booking please contact Melanie Tinson on 023 8027 6396