Shops & Retailers

From our experience, retailers have particular requirements due to the nature of your seasonal advertising and periodic sales.

  • you want to advertise locally, regularly, but refresh your ad design in keeping with the season and sales. Standard Display Advertising is good for this with up to 20% discount.
  • or you want to advertisement ad hoc only when it’s relevant to a sale or season or calendar event eg. Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.
  • You want to reach further afield to attract new customers outside your local catchment but the cost of all areas is prohibitive.

So, we have three other packages aimed at retailers:

6 Advertisements over 18 months – save 15%

Buy a block of six adverts in an edition for a 15% discount and run them in any months of your choice within 18 months. You can change your advert each time to feature a sale or change of range or hopefully expansion!  You will be invoiced for the six adverts at the time of booking and payment is taken per advert run by direct debit.

Advertising Rate: 6m Non Consecutive @ 15% discount from £57.80 per Qtr Page, £103.70 per Half page, £194.65 per full page.

Carousel23 Adverts over 12 months with Discover Carousel

You can get on the Discover “Carousel” with an advert that we will place in each edition; one after the other, until your advert has been placed in each of our 13 editions for 2 months.  This way, you target all the areas we cover, reaching 153,000 homes, over a year from only £91 + vat per month.

Advertising Rate: 12 Month Carousel from £per month for a Qtr page. Ask for the Carousel Schedule when speaking to Melanie


Rather than a “display” advert you can buy editorial space to promote your business.  The minimum booking for advertorial is 2 months per edition.  Ask for Advertorial Info when speaking to Melanie.  You supply the correct number of words and images online and payment is required at the time of booking, prior to the print deadline.  Note though, that you get free editorial with some display bookings so it might be more cost effective to book the 6m+ Ongoing Rate.