Local Business Launches the Ultimate Dog Bed


Unfortunately, it’s a fact that most dog beds are made to meet a price point rather than a quality standard resulting in all too frequent trips to buy yet another one.

However, consumer habits are slowly changing with a growing demand for premium quality beds that are stylish, incredibly comfortable and supportive, hugely practical and, above all, that offer true long term value for money.

At the forefront of this change is Berkeley Dog Beds – a Hampshire-based company that produces a range of dog beds that are arguably among the best in the world.

‘There is absolutely no reason why a properly constructed dog bed shouldn’t last for your dog’s lifetime’ says Martin Starbuck, owner of the company with his wife, Gail.

‘Having owned working Labradors for over 30 years gives us a unique perspective ‘We became increasingly frustrated at never being able to find a range of dog beds that were up to the job.

So we set about designing our own range – something special and completely new to the market.

It quickly became obvious that although mattress technology for humans had progressed significantly – particularly in terms of joint care, bed design for our canine friends was woefully inadequate Most dog beds are made of cheap imported polyester fibre or foam covered in an outer fabric more suitable for dress making than dog beds – components that are simply just not fit for purpose.

The challenge for us was to incorporate modern mattress design but tailor-make it so that it would stand up to the practical testing carried out by our own dogs – this meant easily removable washable and replaceable covers, durable fabric choices and a substantial, well insulated, breathable construction that would retain it’s shape and provide the all important even weight distribution, cushioning and joint support so critical particularly in larger and / or older dogs.

The finished product is a 20 cm thick mattress comprising a central mat of individual pocket springs sandwiched between 4 layers of wool-based felt and a layer of lambswool which is encased in a cotton drill cover. An easy to clean removable waterproof cover completes the construction.

All of our products are made in the UK and we have a strict sourcing policy of using natural non-toxic filling materials.

To complement the waterproof orthopaedic mattress we expanded our product range to include a wooden dog bed frame handmade in solid English oak that is fully compatible with the mattress, a full range of stylish, hard wearing upholstery grade fabric covers and a lightweight raised dog bed as an entry level product that is tough, super-comfy and offered at a really great price’.

All of our products are available via our website at www.berkeleydogbeds.co.uk

For further details, please contact:-

Berkeley Dog Beds Limited

Winchester Lodge


Hampshire SP11 7JR

T. 01264 861143

M. 07748 645 352