This category relates to businesses that our readers need for their daily lives;  hair & beauty, health & well being, education, motoring, pets, event planning, computing, professional services, travel etc.

  • 20% Discount for 6+m Reucrring Rate

Like the Home & Garden category the most effective way to advertise in Discover is to run your advert for at least six months.  You can change it every other month in each edition to add a promotion or special offer.  85% of our advertisers in this category booking the 6 month Recurring Rate for the best discount.

  • Free editorial

Discover Magazines includes professionally written articles about many of these markets so your advert would be placed where possible within the relevant section. The written word is as valuable as display advertising so we gaurantee two free editorials to any booking made on the 6 month Recurring Rate.

  • Free Advertisement Design

We are used to helping small businesses with everything to do with creating adverts; logo creation, sourcing images, writing text (copy), designing an advert that “sells, not just tells”.  Think of us as your marketing arm; we can even do all this for you:

  • recommend suppliers of local telephone numbers
  • an answering service so you don’t miss any valuable calls
  • vehicle graphics if you need this service
  • leaflet/brochure printing