What are the terms of the 6+ month Recurring Rate?

This is the most popular rate because a) you get the best discount b) free editorial and c) professional advert design for only £10 – and, most importantly it is the most effective in terms of response.  Terms are payment by direct debit, automatic renewal after the first six months unless cancelled.

What is the circulation of Discover? and the readership?

Circulation ie. printed copies delivered over two issues is 143,500.  We don’t quote readership, as some other publications do, as readership is an estimate number of people who read the same magazine.  Readership is often quoted as 2.5 readers per copy so our readership would be 2.5 x 143,500.  Readership should only be quoted if the publication’s circulation is audited by the Auditing Bureau of Circulation.  None of the local magazines in the Solent region are ABC audited.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is the most commonly asked question so I’m starting with this one first!  The cost depends on 3 things; 1) the advert size 2) how many editions you book and 3) how many months you commit to from the start. All our quotes are per month + vat.  For example, a quarter page booked in one edition only for 2 months (minimum) costs £68 + vat per month.  However, this reduces to as little as £37.40 per issuewhen the booking is a quarter page in all editions on the 6+ month Ongoing Rate (45% discount).

What's the difference between the 6 month Ad hoc and 6+ Recurring Rates?

The difference is the amount of discount; 10% for the 6 issues ad hoc rate.. You can buy six issues (months) and spread them over 12-18 months.  It’s used by private schools who have regular open days and if they booked just two months at a time they’d get no discount. Or it can be used by retailers who know they’ll advertise at sale times so they book 6 issues and use them in the months of their choice.  You are invoiced in full for the booking at the time of booking but can pay as and when you advertise ie. “draw down”.

Can I advertiser for just one month?

There are occasions when only one month is required such as a “dated” advert, usually an event.  Because we print 2 consecutive months with one print run* we have to place your page on the first 8 pages or less popular on one of the last 8 pages.  If you want to guarantee one of first 8 we add 15% to the rate and it’s not available for any size smaller than a half page. Also, note with a one month booking, you’ll only reach half the circulation of an edition*.  We may have to say “sorry, no, we can’t take  one month” because there is only a limited number of slots where we can take a one month advert. * except editions: Hamble, Test Valley and Salisbury East Villages which are 100% bi-monthly.

Are the magazines delivered monthly or bi-monthly?

Editions: Chandlers Ford, Southampton, Hedge End, Locks Heath, Meon Valley, Eastleigh, Romsey, Winchester, Waterside, New Forest.

We deliver every month to one half of the circulation;  an edition has a circulation of say, 14,000 homes, split into Area A and Area B.

Editions: Hamble Peninsula, Test Valley, Salisbury East Villages

We deliver every other to the full circulation and the circulation is approximately half the size of the above editions and thus charge at half the rate card.

In summary, every home receives a new copy of Discover every other month, regardless of which edition it receives.

Where are the magazines delivered? Who gets them?

We use two methods of delivering our magazines; our own distributors (we don’t use agencies from bad experiences in the past) and Royal Mail. With Royal Mail, every residential property in a postcode we book receives a copy delivered by the postman.

Our Discover Distributors are given a regular route that includes streets populated with homes that match our selection criteria;

  • owner occupied
  • 3 bedrooms or more
  • driveway
  • a garden

We avoid streets that are run down, in high rental areas and unsafe to access (no pavements). We tend to omit flats as distributors can’t get access.

Can I change my advert? How often?

Yes, of course. and we encourage you to keep your advert fresh although keeping a consistent style helps to reinforce your brand and improve reader recognition. You can change your advert every time a magazine goes to print which is every two months.  If you need to change an advert mid month we can do this but by exception and only if a”changeable” slot is available.

Can I have a quarter page in one edition and a half page in another?

Yes, this is a good way of stretching the budget to reach a wider audience.We’d suggest the larger advert being in areas key to your business and the smaller adverts in less critical areas.

Can I pick up a copy of Discover anywhere?

Not really, no.  We print 143,500 copies and deliver virtually all of them. We leave a small stock at a few libraries and keep a supply for our advertisers as voucher copies. It’s important to ask a publisher the number of magazines left at pick up points as delivering through the letterbox is the most effective delivery of your advertising.

How do I get an advert designed? what's the process?

It’s very easy to get this done; we do it all the time and we can turn around an advert design from scratch within a matter of hours.

Will I get a copy of the magazine if I advertise?

You will receive your first insert in a copy of the magazine by post if you live outside the delivery area.  Subsequently, you will get a monthly email with links to the updated magazine gallery and the artwork deadlines for the next issues.  All artwork instructions and requests should be emailed to Izzy Ewen on design@discovermagazines.co.uk and not to Melanie or Tania.

If I advertise in the magazines do I get a special rate for leaflet delivery?

Yes, you do. The advertiser rate is £35 rather than £38 per 1,000.

Can I have a copy of my advert you designed?

Yes, but we charge a £45 + VAT release fee.   Discover Magazines Ltd has the copyright of anything it designs even using logos and images supplied. In many cases the design is done free of charge and if it’s being used elsewhere, saving extra design fees, it’s only fair for the design to be paid for.