Standard Display Advertising

Choose from 9 advert sizes; whatever suits your business and budget. Get an Instant Online Quote here.

  • Reach up to 153,000 homes
  • 13 editions (areas)
  • 4 booking periods
  • 9 advert sizes to choose from: full A5 page, 2/3, 1/2 landscape, 1/2 portrait, 1/3, 1/4, 6th, 8th, 16th
  • 4 Booking Periods; 2 months, 4 months, 6 Issues Non Consecutive and most popular 6m+ Ongoing Rate (because of highest discount!)
  • Multi magazine bookings (we publish 13 localised magazines) – the more you book the higher discount
  • Premium Pages; page 2,3,5, 7, 9, centre, inside back or back cover
  • Professional Advert Design only £10 with Ongoing booking
  • Ask about free editorial

Ad Sizes - all


Like other magazines, we publish a RATE CARD price which is the cost of the advert per month without any discount.  We apply two discounts to the rate card price; 1) how long you book for and 2) the number of magazines in the booking (areas).

The average discount is 35%.  Most bookings are on the 6m+ Ongoing Rate which gives you 15% and then the number of magazines you book can give you up to an extra 30% discount.

As a result of so many options there should be a price that is perfect for your type of business, your budget and your timing.  

Rate Card: ad size dimensions in mm

  • £229: Full page 134 x 192
  • £189: 2/3 page 134 x 141
  • £122: Half page 134 x 94 or 65 x 192
  • £89: Third page 134 x 61
  • £68: Quarter page 65 x 94 or 134 x 45
  • £49: Sixth page 65 x 61
  • £39: Eighth page 65 x 45
  • Sixteenth classified text only terms apply, please ask.

If you are unsure or prefer to discuss what’s best for you please call Melanie on 023 8027 6396 or use the form below and you’ll also receive a Media Pack with Rate Card PDF by email. We hope you get on board!

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