Apply to be a Distributor

Discover Magazines Ltd (DML) publishes 10 localised editions of Discover.  Each edition is delivered to approximately 14,000 homes over a two month period; ie. 7,000 in one month and 7,000 the following month.  Subsequently, each route is completed every other month.   Some areas are covered by Royal Mail but the majority are served by a team of “foot” distributors who currently deliver approximately 100,000 copies every two months.  You would be a member of one of these distribution teams.

The magazine can include up to 4 different leaflets per delivery.  Each distributor is given the necessary number of magazines and leaflets and inserts the leaflets before beginning the delivery.

Payment is set per route and 0.05p per leaflet is paid in addition to the set fee.

If you are Under 16

Distributors who are under 16 are employed by Discover Magazines Ltd and require an Employment Permit which DML will apply for.

If you are Over 16

Over 16s supply their services on a self employed basis.  There is guidance on the HMRC website about registering as self employed, if not already, even if you have other employment.



We have a stock of trolleys and shoulder bags available which we can lend you to transport the magazines around your route.  You will automatically be loaned a trolley and a shoulder bag unless we hear otherwise.  Equipment is supplied to Under 16s and loaned to Over 16s for a one-off nominal charge of £1.


Magazines are delivered in cardboard boxes (about 100 per box). Usual drop off day is a Thursday or Friday. You will be texted and/or emailed to advise of drop-off date two or three days in advance.  You have 5 full days (always including a weekend) to complete the route and report in online.


Each edition covers an area of approximately 14,000 properties which is split into two Circulations (A and B).  You will be assigned a route in Circulation A and B; one being near your home and the other possibly further away but still local.  This means most distributors have a delivery to compete every month rather than every other month.   Not every distributor has a route in both circulations but it is preferred and priority is given to distributors who agree to distribute in both circulations.  Most routes are between 300-500 homes each.


We have several methods of route checking.

  • Door to door checks on the distribution within your area,
  • Mystery houses (residents and advertisers) who have registered with us to make reports.
  • Competition entries – residents submit their address when entering.
  • GPS trackers – We also have a GPS device tracker that you may be given from time to time. This monitors your walking when you are delivering and you will be required to activate the tracker and return it to us when finished.

It is important therefore to be thorough on reporting any difficulties with your delivery.


Each route has a set rate based on the number of letterboxes to deliver to and how far apart the houses are in general and how hilly it is, for example. Payment is made by BACS direct to your bank account within 10 working days after you get the magazines.   If you recommend someone to be a distributor, who completes a minimum of two rounds, you earn a £10 finders fee.


If you no longer want to continue with your distribution we ask that you do this before the last delivery when you will be given Distributor Wanted leaflets to insert in your magazine to find a replacement if there is no one on the waiting list.


It is important for our business and our customers that the delivery is carried out to a high standard. Failure to deliver on time, follow our guidelines, submit reports or if you breach safety means that we are may stop using your services.


  • Minimum age : 13 (you will need a Youth Employment form if under 16 – see below). We prefer to receive applications direct from the teenager rather than a parent.  This shows initiative and confirms to us that they themselves are keen. Communication after the first delivery is with the distributor and not the parent unless there is need for parental intervention.
  • Self employed basis if you are 16 and over  ie. you are responsible for your own tax liabilities
  • You must have a mobile phone and an email account.
  • Porch or dry area where magazines in boxes can be delivered to in case of rain is a requirement.


You must apply online using the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

  • When you complete the online application, we will be notified and you will only hear from us when there is a route available suitable for you.
  • Every application is saved on our database and you will be in the “bank” until contacted which could be in several months time.
  • If you are contacted and you accept a route you will receive a Starter Park in the post with full instructions and the necessary paperwork including the dates you will be required for the next six months at least.
  • You will be given the choice of a trolley or a shoulder bag to carry the magazines.
  • You will be advised by text and/or email of when the magazines are due to be delivered to you.
  • When the route is delivered you are required to report online with the date you completed and details of leftovers or shortages.
  • Payment will be made when confirmation is received and spot checks carried out.