Anton & Erin Continue to Give a Memorable Performance


If anyone can mix elegant ballroom dancing with ad-lib humour it is Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary tour, Erin and Anton took to the stage with the theme from Broadway to Hollywood stardom at The Pavilion in Bournemouth. Alongside them was the wonderful Lance Ellington whose voice projected around the theatre, especially in Act 2 when he sang his adaptation of ‘Cry Me A River’. Also, not forgetting Richard Balcombe, the conductor, and the fantastic London concert orchestra.

Deathly silence fell on the theatre as Lance and Richard took their places towards the back of the stage as they prepared to introduce the magnificent six dancers. Three women dressed in beautiful turquoise flew onto the stage whilst three men dressed in tailcoat suits followed swiftly after them. Then the two everyone came to see took centre stage and the show began. Moving elegantly around the floor Erin’s dress sparkled as she danced from one spotlight to the next. But, you could not turn your gaze from Anton’s facial expressions as he sang to the music and continuously smiled at the audience.

Nikki Woollaston’s choreography ranged from a stunning waltz to modern pieces alongside songs such as Umbrella by Rhianna  and musical features including Chicago. Then there was the quickstep in Erin’s bright yellow dress lighting up the dance floor, the seductive tango and a bit of tap dancing. But the stand out dance of the night had to be ‘Do Your Thing’ an impressively fast and energetic dance that kept Erin and Anton on their toes. There were kicks and flicks, static arm movements and then the lights turned out and all you could see were the multi-coloured bands lighting up the room from the dancers wrists and feet. A truly mesmerising dance, and let’s face it, we all wish to have the same stamina and energy as Anton and Erin in 10 years.

Not only was this performance full of fabulous dances, but it was also packed with story telling and a Q&A. You heard all about the dancers Strictly background and the occasional comment towards Brendan Cole. It was a witty and humorous 15 minutes.

The show was rounded off with a beautiful final dance including a feather bower and a film set to signify the theme of Hollywood.