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Readers use their regularly delivered Discover Magazine as a local business directory when looking for a plumber, new windows or garden designer, for example.iStock_000002778141XSmall

Go Regular – Short Term Advertising is False Economy in this Sector.

It’s proved most effective, for advertisers in this market, to run their advert for at least six months per edition – 85% of our Home and Garden advertisers are on the 6 month Recurring Rate because it works better than short term advertising.

Important factors to successful advertising for businesses in this category are:

  • Choosing the correct advert size; too big and you might be considered too expensive, too small and not a “proper” company
  • Professionally designed advert; a rough and ready advert will reflect a rough and ready service
  • Tailoring your advert; try to make your advert local as possible; use a local number, confirm that you cover the area of that edition if your number isn’t local ie. use an 01794 number in the Romsey editon and an 01962 number in the Winchester edition.  Ask about local numbers when you book.
  • Telephone numbers, website, email addresses; lack of a landline can deter older readers, a personal email address doesn’t look very professional, your website must be reasonably good (shame to lose a potential customers from your advertising Gardening Tools 3to put them off at the website stage)
  • Sell, not just tell.  Think about the text of your advert; is it going to persuade a reader to choose you?
  • Answering your phone; this is the biggest problem especially with tradespeople missing out on business because readers call and don’t leave messages, move onto the next advertiser who answers or the call is answered but the advertiser is up a tree, under the sink or wherever… and worst, all too common sadly, the advertiser doesn’t get back to the customer.  Consider an answering service (Discover advertisers get a discounted service we recommend)

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