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We welcome applications from responsible youngsters (13+) and adults (no age limit!) with a smart mobile phone (essential), email address and web access. 

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Melanie Tinson, Advertising Director
If there is anything about your adver- tising she can im- prove, change or suggest Melanie
s advice is worth considering. Shes single handedly acquired over 500 advertisers in Dis- cover since 2007 and is well respect- ed on almost every- thing marketing.

Tania Houston, Ops/Finance DirectorIf theres a techie trick or a process change which makes the Discover busi- ness more efficient, Tania will find it. That skill has enabled us to become the biggest magazine publish- er in South Hampshire, with a small but supersmart team.


Natasha Rush, Sales Executive
Any negative precon- ceptions you have about advertising sales people
throw them away. Natasha’s honest ethos is a breath of fresh air.


Talitha Gibbins
Customer Services & Distribution

Talitha manages our 250 distributors – sometimes like herding sheep! She
s also in charge of the purse strings, taking payments from customers and book- ing in your order.


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