2019 Print & Delivery Schedule


When we go to print, we prepare two month’s issues at the same time.  The two issues have a large common section and a smaller set of “changeable” pages including different front cover, what’s on etc – relevant only to that one issue. So, when you supply artwork for a deadline it will be used for the forthcoming two issues unless you have booked one of the limited, premium rate “changeable” pages.

Use the search box to find the relevant deadline or delivery date per edition / per issue.

DEADLINES per Edition per Issue

Chandlers FordMarch18 Feb
Chandlers FordApril18 Feb
Chandlers FordMay16 Apr
Chandlers FordJune16 Apr
Chandlers Ford July17 Jun
Chandlers FordAugust17 Jun
Chandlers FordSeptember19 Aug
Chandlers FordOctober19 Aug
Chandlers FordNovember14 Oct
Chandlers FordDecember14 Oct
Hedge EndMarch18 Feb
Hedge EndApril18 Feb
Hedge EndMay16 Apr
Hedge EndJune16 Apr
Hedge EndJuly17 Jun
Hedge EndAugust17 Jun
Hedge EndSeptember19 Aug
Hedge EndOctober19 Aug
Hedge EndNovember14 Oct
Hedge EndDecember14 Oct
SouthamptonMarch18 Feb
SouthamptonApril18 Feb
SouthamptonMay16 Apr
SouthamptonJune16 Apr
SouthamptonJuly17 Jun
SouthamptonAugust17 Jun
SouthamptonSeptember19 Aug
SouthamptonOctober19 Aug
SouthamptonNovember14 Oct
SouthamptonDecember14 Oct
Locks HeathMarch18 Feb
Locks HeathApril18 Feb
Locks HeathMay16 Apr
Locks HeathJune16 Apr
Locks HeathJuly17 Jun
Locks HeathAugust17 Jun
Locks HeathSeptember19 Aug
Locks HeathOctober19 Aug
Locks HeathNovember14 Oct
Locks HeathDecember14 Oct
WinchesterMarch18 Feb
WinchesterApril18 Feb
WinchesterMay16 Apr
WinchesterJune16 Apr
WinchesterJuly17 Jun
WinchesterAugust17 Jun
WinchesterSeptember19 Aug
WinchesterOctober19 Aug
WinchesterNovember14 Oct
WinchesterDecember14 Oct
Test ValleyApril/May14 Mar
Test ValleyJune/July16 May
Test ValleyAugust/September11 Jul
Test ValleyOctober/November5 Sep
Test ValleyDecember/January7 Nov
Salisbury East VillagesMarch/April14 Feb
Salisbury East VillagesMay/June10 Apr
Salisbury East VillagesJuly/August13 Jun
Salisbury East VillagesSeptember/October15 Aug
Salisbury East VillagesNovember/December17 Oct
EastleighApril18 Mar
EastleighMay18 Mar
EastleighJune17 May
EastleighJuly17 May
EastleighAugust8 Jul
EastleighSeptember8 Jul
EastleighOctober16 Sep
EastleighNovember16 Sep
EastleighDecember18 Nov
RomseyApril18 Mar
RomseyMay18 Mar
RomseyJune17 May
RomseyJuly17 May
RomseyAugust8 Jul
RomseySeptember8 Jul
RomseyOctober16 Sep
RomseyNovember16 Sep
RomseyDecember18 Nov
WatersideApril18 Mar
WatersideMay18 Mar
WatersideJune17 May
WatersideJuly17 May
WatersideAugust8 Jul
WatersideSeptember8 Jul
WatersideOctober16 Sep
WatersideNovember16 Sep
WatersideDecember18 Nov
New ForestApril14 Mar
New ForestMay14 Mar
New ForestJune16 May
New ForestJuly16 May
New ForestAugust11 Jul
New ForestSeptember11 Jul
New ForestOctober12 Sep
New ForestNovember12 Sep
New ForestDecember14 Nov
Meon ValleyApril14 Mar
Meon ValleyMay14 Mar
Meon ValleyJune16 May
Meon ValleyJuly16 May
Meon ValleyAugust11 Jul
Meon ValleySeptember11 Jul
Meon ValleyOctober12 Sep
Meon ValleyNovember12 Sep
Meon ValleyDecember14 Nov
Hamble PeninsulaMarch/April14 Feb
Hamble PeninsulaMay/June10 Apr
Hamble PeninsulaJuly/August13 Jun
Hamble PeninsulaSeptember/October15 Aug
Hamble PeninsulaNovember/December17 Oct

DELIVERY Dates per Edition per Issue

SouthamptonFebruary21 Jan
SouthamptonMarch27 Feb
SouthamptonApril18 Mar
SouthamptonMay30 Apr
SouthamptonJune20 May
SouthamptonJuly26 Jun
SouthamptonAugust29 Jul
SouthamptonSeptember3 Sep
SouthamptonOctober16 Sep
SouthamptonNovember23 Oct
SouthamptonDecember18 Nov
Chandlers FordJanuary 05/01/2019
Chandlers FordFebruary18 Jan
Chandlers FordMarch1 Mar
Chandlers FordApril22 Mar
Chandlers FordMay2 May
Chandlers FordJune24 May
Chandlers FordJuly28 Jun
Chandlers FordAugust12 Jul
Chandlers FordSeptember29 Aug
Chandlers FordOctober20 Sep
Chandlers FordNovember25 Oct
Chandlers FordDecember22 Nov
February21 Jan
March6 Mar
WinchesterApril18 Mar
WinchesterMay4 May
WinchesterJune20 May
WinchesterJuly3 Jul
WinchesterAugust29 Jul
WinchesterSeptember30 Aug
WinchesterOctober16 Sep
WinchesterNovember30 Oct
WinchesterDecember18 Nov
Hedge EndJanuary03/01/2019
Hedge EndFebruary16 Jan
Hedge EndMarch28 Feb
Hedge EndApril20 Mar
Hedge EndMay1 May
Hedge EndJune22 May
Hedge EndJuly27 Jun
Hedge EndAugust10 Jul
Hedge EndSeptember4 Sep
Hedge EndOctober18 Sep
Hedge EndNovember24 Oct
Hedge EndDecember20 Nov
Locks HeathJanuary01/01/2019
Locks HeathFebruary17 Jan
Locks HeathMarch5 Mar
Locks HeathApril21 Mar
Locks HeathMay3 May
Locks HeathJune23 May
Locks HeathJuly2 Jul
Locks HeathAugust11 Jul
Locks HeathSeptemeber5 Sep
Locks HeathOctober19 Sep
Locks HeathNovember29 Oct
Locks HeathDecember21 Nov
Meon ValleyFebruary4 Feb
Meon ValleyMarch18 Feb
Meon ValleyApril1 Apr
Meon ValleyMay23 Apr
Meon ValleyJune3 Jun
Meon ValleyJuly17 Jun
Meon ValleyAugust29 Jul
Meon ValleySeptember27 Aug
Meon ValleyOctober1 Oct
Meon ValleyNovember21 Oct
Meon ValleyDecember2 Dec
EastleighFebruary25 Jan
EastleighMarch19 Feb
EastleighApril29 Mar
EastleighMay23 Apr
EastleighJune31 May
EastleighJuly17 Jun
EastleighAugust19 Jul
EastleighSeptember27 Aug
EastleighOctober27 Sep
EastleighNovember21 Oct
EastleighDecember29 Nov
RomseyFebruary24 Jan
RomseyMarch18 Feb
RomseyApril28 Mar
RomseyMay23 Apr
RomseyJune30 May
RomseyJuly17 Jun
RomseyAugust18 Jul
RomseySeptember27 Aug
RomseyOctober26 Sep
RomseyNovember21 Oct
RomseyDecember28 Nov
WatersideFebruary23 Jan
WatersideMarch20 Feb
WatersideApril27 Mar
WatersideMay13 Apr
WatersideJune29 May
WatersideJuly19 Jun
WatersideAugust17 Jul
WatersideSeptember28 Aug
WatersideOctober25 Sep
WatersideNovember16 Oct
WatersideDecember27 Nov
New ForestFebruary4 Feb
New ForestMarch18 Feb
New ForestApril1 Apr
New ForestMay23 Apr
New ForestJune3 Jun
New ForestJuly17 Jun
New ForestAugust29 Jul
New ForestSeptember27 Aug
New ForestOctober1 Oct
New ForestNovember21 Oct
New ForestDecember2 Dec
Salisbury East VillagesMarch/April4 Mar
Salisbury East VillagesMay/June29 Apr
Salisbury East VillagesJuly/August1 Jul
Salisbury East VillagesSeptember/October2 Sep
Salisbury East VillagesNovember/December4 Nov
Test ValleyFebruary/March4 Feb
Test ValleyApril/May1 Apr
Test ValleyJune/July3 Jun
Test ValleyAugust/September5 Aug
Test ValleyOctober/November23 Sep
Test ValleyDecember/January25 Nov
Hamble PeninsulaMarch/April4 Mar
Hamble PeninsulaMay/June29 Apr
Hamble PeninsulaJuly/August1 Jul
Hamble PeninsulaSeptember/October2 Sep
Hamble PeninsulaNovember/December4 Nov