13 Edition Carousels

With 12 months in the year, we can rotate your advertisement across 13 editions very nicely, thank you!

  • from only £99 a month
  • minimum booking 12 months
  • ideal for retailers

Discover has 13 editions so we’ve create a “carousel” you can jump onto that allows you to rotate your advert and over 13 months target Discover’s full circulation.  After 13 months you can start all over again!  Or you can choose your own magazines to create your own carousel (minimum of 5 editions) – minimum booking 12 months.  Be aware, with carousels that your advert will be seen by readers only once less frequently than if you booked the 6m+ Ongoing Rate in each edition.  The carousel option is ideal for some businesses but not everyone! Call for advice.

To have a chat about the 13 Editions Carousel call Melanie Tinson on 023 8027 6396 or Request a Media Pack using the form below:

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